July-August 2021

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25 July - 14 August 2021 Thessaloniki: White Tower (left) and Rotunda Vergina: underground tomb of Philip II of Macedon Philip II and his son Alexander the G. Meteora: six Byzantine monasteries built on hilltops Roussanou and Nikolauos monasteries
Megalou Meteora, Varlaam and Roussanou monasteries Agias Triados monastery Varlaam monastery Inside Varlaam Inside Varlaam Entrance way to Varlaam
Varlaam Varlaam Roussanou and Varlaam monasteries Agias Triados monastery On top of Agias Triados View on Kalambaka from Agias Triados
Nikolauos monastery Stefanou monastery Iconostases (roadside chapels) are everywhere ... Megalou and Mikro ("big" and "little") Papingo, two ancient mountain villages in the Zagori region. Papingo village Dilofo village
Stone bridges connecting the Zagori villages ... Plakidas bridge Plakidas bridge Pestionini bridge Kokkori bridge Mylos bridge and mill Voidomatis river hike
Along the Voidomatis river Vikos gorge More chapels ... The city of Ioannina: Fethiye mosque Ioannina: Kastro Lefkada: sea, beach, etc.
Delphi on the slopes of Mt. Parnassos (fog is smoke from wildfires ...) Delphi: Sanctuary of Athena Pronea Treasure of the Athenians Temple of Apollo (bits & pieces) Summer of 2021: heatwave & wildfires Corinth Canal
Nafplio seen from Palamidi fortress Nafplio: Bourtzi fortress Nafplio Mystras: last refuge of the Byzantine empire before the Ottoman conquest (1460) Mystras: Agios Theodoros church Mystras: Vrontokhion monastery
Mystras: bits & pieces of something Mystras: Evangelistria Ancient Mycenae: famous Lions' Gate Mycenae Athens Waiting for the sun to set