Northwest Iran & Azerbaijan

July-August 2016

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01-IM4 3292 Map-part1 Martine: Morning ritual Kandovan: Village carved out in volcanic rock Kandovan man Kandovan
This is Nilofer Lake Urmia: Drying up, leaving a barren salt plain behind Lake Urmia Lake Urmia: The remaining water has turned a deep pink due to halophilic ("salt-loving") bacteria Random Iranians saying 'hi' Lake Urmia at sunset
Lake Urmia at sunset Qareh Kalisa (church of St Thaddaeus) near Maku Qareh Kalisa Qareh Kalisa: The sun breaks through the clouds Difficult to find: Dzor-dzor chapel and Barun lake Dzor-dzor chapel
On the road: Bridge with flags Jolfa: Monastery of St Stephanos Martine in the monastery of St Stephanos Araz River valley: Historic hammam Tabriz: Home of one of the oldest and largest historic bazaars Tabriz bazaar
Tabriz bazaar Tea vendor in the bazaar Tabriz bazaar Bazaar: Pigs' feet Tabriz bazaar Salesman in the bazaar
Tabriz: Jameh Mosque Jameh mosque Kabud mosque Salesman in Tabriz Map-part2 On the road: Village mosque in market compound
On the road: Amir making green tea with ginger and explaining to the locals how to do that Martine in her dashing new Iran outfit Men in Sanandaj Men in Sanandaj, wearing Kurdish trousers Kurdistan's lovely landscapes Kurdistan's lovely landscapes
Kurdistan's lovely landscapes On the road Martine watching the sun set over the town of Paveh Mr. Sadegh in front of his house in Hajij village Mr Sadegh Reservoir near Hajij
The cliff-side village of Howraman Howraman A fair sample of Howraman's  finest Shop in Howraman Tree On the road: Zagros mountains
Palangan: Cliff-side step-village Palangan Iran's Stonehenge: The 3000 years old Zoroastrian sanctum of Takht-e Soleyman Takht-e Soleyman complex, built around a crater lake Takht-e Soleyman Map-part3
Zanjan's bazaar Zanjan's bazaar Zanjan's bazaar Oljeitu's enormous mausoleum in Soltaniye, the capital of the Mongols in Persia Lots of interesting modern architecture in Iran, this dental clinic being on the cheesy end of the spectrum The cliff-side village of Masuleh
Masuleh: Three-dimensional maze of alleys with snug tea houses and merry tourists Masuleh The quite uninspiring Caspian Sea coast Ardebil: Sheikh Safi mausoleum Ardebil: Details of the Sheikh Safi mausoleum Map-part4
Astara: Iran / Azerbaijan border crossing Bus to Baku Baku: Old City and the Flame Towers City walls and the Flame Towers City walls and subway station One of the Flame Towers and Sahidlar Xiyabani mosque
The Heydar Aliyef Cultural Center, designed by Zaha Hadid