Roadtrip in Uzbekistan

July 2022

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Uzbekistan — Colorful people against the magical backdrop of ancient Silk-Road cities KHIVA — Still a medieval khanate when the Russians conquered it late 19th c. KHIVA — Outer walls and city parking Juma and Islam Khoja minarets Allah Kuli Khan caravanserai Entrance to the Ichon Qala (inner city)
Streets in the Ichon Qala Uzbek friends (The photo that they actually wanted) Streets in the Ichon Qala Khiva — Juma mosque Gate keeper in the Juma mosque
East gate The unfinished Kalta Minar minaret Tilework in the Khan's palace Two prime crafts in Uzbekistan: ceramics and wood carving TASHKENT, Uzbekistan's capital — Chorsu market The central dome in the Chorsu  market district
Business at Chorsu market Selling the wares Chorsu market Doing a snack Owning the place Selling bread
Tashkent — Mustakillik metro station Alisher Navoi station — Tashkent's metro was built by the Soviets as "palaces for the workers" Kosmonavtlar station (portraits of Gagarin and other kosmonauts) Pakhtakor station TASHKENT to SAMARKAND — Roadside tea house SAMARKAND, capital of Timur's empire in the 14-15th c.
Registan square, with the Ulugh Beg, Tilla Kari and Cher Dor madrasas Ulugh Beg madrasa (islamic school) Ulugh Beg madrasa At Samarkand's Siyob market Fun with granny Samarkand — Bibi Khanym mosque
Bibi Khanym mosque: side portal and secundary dome Entrance to the Shah-i Zinda Shah-i Zinda — an alley with some 20 mausoleums from around 1400 Mausoleums in Shah-i Zinda Shah-i Zinda Shah-i Zinda
SAMARKAND to TERMEZ via BAYSUN Fellow travelers in Termez Sultan Saodat complex, a set of graves from 9-16th C. Termez: Local imam Imam Termez: local market
TERMEZ to BUKHARA The khanate of BUKHARA, biggest rival of Khiva Bukhara city parking Kalyon minaret and Kalyon mosque Kalyon mosque Mir-i Arab madrasa, seen from the Kalyon mosque
Kalyon minaret and Mir-i Arab madrasa Mir-i Arab madrasa from the Kalyon minaret (photo from 2007) Neighborly meeting Chor Minar Each of Chor Minar's towers is slightly different, just like the four daughters of its patron Bukhara by night
Chor Bakr cemetery Pilgrims praying next to Naqshbandi's shrine, shaded by some mulberry trees One of Bukhara's covered bazaars Market girls BUKHARA to NURATA — Road goes through a lake ? Kyzylkum Desert
Aidarkul Lake NURATA to TASHKENT ---  Ubiquitous market stalls Roadtrip — 21 days, 1800km by car, 1500km by air